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Plenty of visitors to our rehearsal on 4th April

Date: 5 April 2024 | By: Nick M

We had a few visitors at last night's rehearsal.

Firstly, Susan Burgess, daughter of the late choir patron, Haydn Burgess, brought along her guests, Rob and Elizabeth Ross. They had travelled all the way from the north of Scotland to Barry, a distance of over 500 miles. Now, BMVC has been known to sing a Proclaimers song, but we were sure they hadn't walked all the way!

The other visitors were a group who had travelled a little further, from Australia. They were friends and relatives of baritone Richard 'Ted' Heath who was to be presented with his choir blazer upon acceptance into the choir. Welcome Ted!

The gallery pictures show (i)  Rob, Elizabeth and Susan with choir chairman Steve Bowen followed by (ii)  a picture of Ted (left) and baritone section rep, Sandy Sanderson, after receiving his choir jacket. The Aussie contingent can be seen in the back ground.

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