Of Boys and Men…

November 15, 2010
Nick Meyrick

We’re delighted to announce that Barry Comprehensive and Barry Male Voice Choir are joining forces to promote singing across the community.  The first public event as a result of the partnership will be on Thursday the 31st March next year when there will be a joint concert in the Boys school.  Musical Director (MD) Dot, and committee members Gareth Jones and Richard King met recently with headteacher David Swallow and head of music Annabel Wilson to talk about the project following an approach from Gareth who has done teaching supply work in the school.  Gareth, Richard and Dot were unanimous in praising the enthusiasm and willingness of the school to engage with the wider community in an event which will hopefully benefit all involved.  The aim of the scheme is to encourage boys to sing, and to secure the future of male voice singing by crossing the generation gap.  As MD Dot says – “as a tradition the male voice choir needs to adapt and survive, and this will open us up to new ways of working.  On the other hand, the boys who join us in this concert will see the camaraderie in our choir and the dedication involved in grappling with difficult music in four part harmony.  We’re all going to thoroughly enjoy this venture – I for one can’t wait!.”  Rehearsals will begin in 2011 after a busy end to the current year for both the school, with their Christmas production of West Side Story, and for the choir which has several engagements lined up.

Full marks to Barry Comprehensive!

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