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The choir toured ‘North of the border’ at Dunkeld and Dunblane over the weekend of May 13th 2016.

A number of our latest recruits travelled with the choir and sang at both events. The choir performed twice during their visit to Scotland:

Saturday 14th May at 7:00PM in Dunkeld cathedral

Sunday 15th May at 7:00PM in Dunblane cathedral.

The program of works sung by the choir were:

Sound an Alarm – from Judas Maccabeus – George Frederick Handel

Calon Lan – Welsh traditional

Serenade – (also known as ‘The Fair maid of Perth’ ) – Bizet

I’se Weary O Waitin’– a traditional spiritual – words and music by Duncan Young

The Rose – words and music by Amanda McBroom

Y Tangnefeddwyr (trans. ‘The Peace Makers’) – words by Waldo Williams arrangement by Eric Jones

Working man – a traditional song – words by Rita MacNeil arranged by Haydn James

Ride the Chariot – traditional spiritual – arrangement by Wm Henry Smith

Somewhere – from the musical West Side Story words Stephen Sondheim, music Leonard Bernstein

WW1 songs – a medley of WW1 songs – audience participation welcomed – and expected!!

Cadwyn o Emynau Cymraeg (trans: ‘A cycle of Welsh Hymns’)

O Flower of Scotland

Hwyl fawr ffrindiau

Mae hen wlad fy nadhau– the Welsh national anthem

The concert at Dunkeld carthedral was in aid of the fundrasing appeal for the cathedral itself – specifically for funds to enable the interior lighting to be ugraded so that the magnificent wood carving details in the roof can be better seen and appreciated by visitors and worshippers. The choir was supported for the concert by members of a local school who performed both traditional Scottish choral work and a selection of folk songs.

The Concert at Dunblane was in support of the Leprosy Misson in Scotland appeal and the choir was supported by musicians from Dunblane High School, none of whom had performed in public prior to this.

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Friends of Dunkeld cathedral thank you

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