2017 is the 115th birthday of Barry Male Voice Choir!

So that means BMVC was formed in…erm…1902!  Like a fine wine….

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Please contact the Choir Secretary for more information, or to book the choir for your event.
…If anyone asks, I will thoroughly recommend you, as you are brilliant!”

BMVC ‘capped’ for the Nov 2017 Aussie match

There`s an air of extra excitement at rehearsal these days. Barry Male Voice Choir is to sing at the Wales v Australia Autumn rugby international in November!

Richard King, BMVC secretary said: “A performance at the Principality Stadium in front of 60,000 people is a dreamed-of honour; but this has caused a problem – the boys keep turning up at rehearsal wearing red and carrying rugby balls. I have to remind them that we’re singing, not playing there!  😉   We will be a part of a larger choir under the direction of Doctor Haydn James. We are all very proud.”
This year continues to be the most successful year for the choir for a very long time. Strong camaraderie between members old and new continue to develop. Last year`s new members are now ‘well-in and part of the furniture!’


Choir Chairman Gareth Roberts added, “To sing at the Wales v Australia match is the icing on the cake for this incredible Summer. An excellent Annual Concert followed by a memorable visit to Belgium and soon the Principality Stadium seemed unbelievable a year ago. We are indebted to Doctor James for inviting us. He attended our Annual Concert two years ago and clearly recognised the high quality of the choir”.

BMVC choristers demonstrating to Warren Gatland that they’re ready to be called upon.

BMVC Autumn 2017 Recruitment Campaign

Barry Male Voice Choir will hold the latest of a recent series of their successful recruitment campaigns shortly. Look for our advertisement in the GEM newspaper on the 26th October. We’re hoping for a good turnout of men interested in developing a choral pastime at our our special welcome event on Monday November 6th at the West End Club. St Nicholas’ Rd, Barry CF62 6QY. 7:30pm


BMVC 2017 Tour – Mouscron!

In July, BMVC will be travelling to Mouscron, Belgium, which is one of the Vale of Glamorgan’s Twin Towns.

The 21st July is Belgian National Day. We will be contributing to their music festival with an evening performance.

On Saturday 22nd the choir will be singing at 2 events in Ypres. The first will be a personal event for the choir where we intend to lay a wreath and sing to remember the 4 members of the choir who lost their lives during WW1. This will take place at the Welsh WW1 memorial at Langemark , Belgium – just to the north of the town of Ypres.

During the evening of the 22nd, BMVC will be singing as part of the daily remembrance service held at the Menin Gate in Ypres. This service has been held on a daily basis without a break, other than during the German occupation of WW2, since 1928. BMVC will be singing 2 songs at this event.

At this time it looks like there will be around 46 choristers travelling to Belgium.

Glamorgan BrewingLifeblood
In 2016 BMVC was approached to provide the backing track to an advertisement being created to promote a local brewery – Glamorgan Brewing Co. – who are based in Llantrisant. The advertisement is targeted specifically at web and social media channels so is not expected to be seen on mainstreamTV – the choir sang a song called ‘O Gymru’
 (Oh Wales!) which is a beautiful Welsh song about a passionate love for Wales.

To see the advertisement, called ‘Lifeblood’, click here to go to site of Gray Hughes, the agency responsible for creating and producing it.

Singing is good for you – health studies show

Please click HERE to a link from a recent article in the Daily Telegraph, that provides more proof, if it was needed, that being an active member of a male voice choir is good for your health and general well-being.

Please click HERE to link to another medical study from Tenovus (published on the Science Daily web site in April 2016) that shows that singing for just one hour causes positive physiological changes in people affected by cancer.

So…got a spare hour?

If you have ever thought about joining a male voice choir, or just wondered what we get up to at rehearsals, please feel free to pop along and meet us. There is no pressure to join, and you’ll even get a cup of tea and a biscuit if you are there at our tea break (usually around 8:30).

Yes, you can… Fund Raise for BMVC!

Would you like to raise money for a worthy cause – such as BMVC – whilst shopping online? If so please click here to see how easy it is using the Easy Fund Raising web site!

You can keep up to date with the activities of the choir on Facebook – either click on the links from this web site or search for ‘Barry Male Voice Choir’ from within Facebook.





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